Our contemporary world is uncomfortable with beauty and art has almost abandoned it. It belongs to a religious universe of meaning in which all things and all people are signs revealing the Divine. So to call people to worship as we do, ‘in the beauty of holiness’ is completely counter-cultural. It is this that gives our witness its power to convert and attract for we all long deep down for the good, the true, the beautiful and their union.
They have undermined every approach to true religion by their complete obsession with setting and solving conundrums. They are like the promoters of wrestling-bouts in the theatres, and not even the sort of bouts that are conducted in accordance with the rules of the sport and lead to the victory of one of the antagonists, but the sort which are stage-managed to give the uncritical spectators visual sensations and compel their applause.
Gregory Nazianzen compares false teaching to WWE in the First Theological Oration