Things may appear to go badly for the church, this way or that. There may be real reverses, tragedies, and disasters. And yet the God who has revealed himself in and through Jesus remains sovereign, and his purpose is going ahead whatever the authorities from without, or various controversies from within, may do to try to stop it.
N.T. Wright, “Acts for Everyone” (via pastorjdallen)
'The Church is not a thing like the Athenaeum Club,' he cried.' If the Athenaeum Club lost all its members, the Athenaeum Club would dissolve and cease to exist. But when we belong to the Church we belong to something which is outside all of us which is outside everything you talk about, outside the Cardinals and the Pope. They belong to it, but it does not belong to them. If we all fell dead suddenly, the Church would still somehow exist in God.'
G.K. Chesterton in The Ball and the Cross (via gkchestertonquote)