They have undermined every approach to true religion by their complete obsession with setting and solving conundrums. They are like the promoters of wrestling-bouts in the theatres, and not even the sort of bouts that are conducted in accordance with the rules of the sport and lead to the victory of one of the antagonists, but the sort which are stage-managed to give the uncritical spectators visual sensations and compel their applause.
Gregory Nazianzen compares false teaching to WWE in the First Theological Oration
He thought: At least St Augustine wrote of sex from experience and not from theory: he was a sinner and a saint; he was not a moral theologian; he was a poet and even a humorist. As students how they had laughed at one passage in The City of God: ‘There are those that can break wind backward so artificially that you would think they sung.’ What would Father Heribert Jone have thought of that? It was difficult to visualise a moral theologian having his morning stool.
Graham Greene, Monsignor Quixote, p.94. (via johnthelutheran)
One of the ends for which sex was created was to symbolize to us the hidden things of God. One of the functions of human marriage is to express the nature of the union between Christ and the Church. We have no authority to take the living and seminal figures which God has painted on the canvas of our nature and shift them about as if they were mere geometrical figures.
C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock (via by-grace-of-god)